Types of Finish

There is a selection of different types of stone finishing available.


A glossy surface that is smooth. The shine comes from the natural reflection of the stone's crystals. The shine is not from a coating but due to polishing, abrasives used on surface to achieve the shiny look. This kind of finish is very suitable for all kinds of marble. The polish that coats the marble also acts as a type of protection, therefore allowing it to withstand stains better. However, the reflective characteristic of the finish makes it more prone to scratches.

Honed Finish:

Provides a flat to low shine. Different levels of shine can be selected. This is attained by using different types of polishing pads until desired surface is achieved. Honed stone colors are not as vibrant as polished stone. They offer a warm feel to the environment at oppose to the plush feel of a polished stone. Honed finish is more scratch resistant because it lacks the glossy surface of a polished stone. Therefore, when honed marble gets scratched, it is not obviously reflected when light hits it.

Sand Blasted: 

This surface is achieved when high pressure flow of sand water is blasted on to a surface, providing a textured surface.

Bush Hammered: 

A stone hammer is used, the pounding action that develops a textured surface with small smooth indentations. The degree of roughness can be selected.

Regardless of the type of surface, all stone types and finishes should be taken care off. Some surfaces maybe more prone to absorption of spilling then others, protective sealers should be used.

Note: A Combination of finishing is available upon request.

Eg. Polished interior and honed exterior; combined with polished rim, honed rim or sandblasted rim.